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Programs Offered


8 week course which teaches beginning horsemanship and coping skills for those with PTSD with the help of a mental health professional and equine specialist. 


-Available for veterans and first responders

Team Bonding

Need some bonding at the office? Bring your staff out for a day of team bonding, communication learning, and horse activities.  Customizable upon request.


-Open to business groups and clubs

Equine Assisted Therapy

8 week course which teaches beginning horsemanship and life skills for those with depression and/or anxiety. Classes taught with the help of mental health professional and equine specialist.


-Open to anyone

Respite Days

Part of a support group or local club? Day activities with the horses available and customizable upon request. 


-Open to support groups or clubs

Private/Group Lessons

Lessons available at an hourly rate for private or group lessons. Riding and groundwork lessons available. Bring your own horse or borrow a mustang! 


-Open to anyone 

Health Care Workers

In recent years healthcare workers have been working more hours, seeing more patients, and experienced increased levels of stress and burnout. This 8 week course is focused on stress relief, relaxation, and basic horsemanship skills. Taught with the help of an equine specialist 


-Open to anyone in the healthcare field

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