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Find out the different ways you can volunteer or donate to help continue making our program successful.


As a 501c3 organizations, Mustang Forces relies solely on volunteers, grants, and donations to operate. We couldn’t serve our community and our local heroes without the support of this incredible community. Please consider making a donation to Mustang Forces so we can continue to serve those who could benefit from equine assisted therapy! Thank you!

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In Person

20502 E. Ruppert Rd

Benton City, WA 99320

By Phone

(509) 308-0538


Sponsor a friend

Sponsor a Friend

There is a nationwide shortage of mental health treatments and clinicians leaving many people without the support they need. Mustang Forces offers an alternative solution to traditional therapy and strives to provide classes to our heroes at no cost. Unfortunately, there are costs for the program to run. Please consider making a $200donation to sponsor a participant to go through a course!

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Sponsor a friend


It takes a “herd” to keep our organization running. Interested in volunteering? We have several opportunities available whether you have any horse experience or not! Please reach out to our volunteer coordinator to learn more about open positions.


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